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We specialize in the supply of quality power supplies from Meanwell and Manson and other technology products - click here. Procon Technology also stocks an extensive range of fischertechnik products from basic construction kits to computer controlled kits for children and adults - click here. Please feel free to browse around our site and to email us if you would like further information. Click here to email us or phone 03-98306288 within Australia. See other contact details at the bottom of this page.


Meanwell power supplies come in all shapes and sizes!
Standard caged industrial supplies, DIN rail mounted
and 19" rack mounted. Also Medical Power Supplies
and LED power supplies. For DC to DC Converters,
chargers and inverters - click here and Mains Power
Adapters - click here. For Multiple Output - click here

Manson desktop power supplies now with USB port and
PC software, Labview driver or write your own software!
Manson Engineering specializes in high-current power
supplies for test and measurement, research, telecom,
electroplating and electronics industries etc.